Reading Instructor
The author of this page has over 30 years experience in elementary education including the classroom and more specialized instruction in special education and Title I. She holds an undergraduate degree in elementary education, a graduate degree in special education and has completed several post-graduate courses. She is currently a Literacy Specialist in a Kindergarten through Grade 5 school. Most importantly, she has shared and enjoyed a love of books with her own children.

Throughout her teaching experience, parents have asked what they can do to help their children with reading. Research has shown that the early years (from birth to age 9) are the most important in the development of solid reading skills. There are certain skills that are essential for children to have prior to entering school that will support learning throughout their school years. Reading with children on a regular basis can foster the development of these pre-requisite skills and help give children a definite head start with their education. For these reasons, this site was developed to enable parents, grandparents or other caregivers to share the pleasures of reading with a child and to encourage important basic reading skills. Accordingly, parents or caregivers provide a pivotal instructional and support role. Parents or caregivers are the childıs first teacher and, as such, there is no substitute for involvement in this important process of learning to read.

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